We are back with one more exciting event - AVION, which will trigger your cognition and boost it up to the next level. Here we are encouraging you to attend this event that needs zero prerequisites. So anyone can participate in this event, irrespective of which branch you belong to.



We present to you MAKERSPACE 5.0, one of the most significant events organized exclusively for 1st-year minds. The event will provide an impression of what happens at Drishti. You will be given a challenging yet enlightening project which has to be completed within 20 days. Mentors will be assigned to each team who will guide and help you throughout the project to overcome challenges faced throughout the project's completion.



The event will have four exciting competitions from different domains, each consisting of a problem statement that has to be solved within the given time. Among these, Solatronics and Antigravity are team events, while individual participation is required in Anchorage and Chemfluence. Anyone who cannot form a team can contact us; he/she will be assigned a team.



In this online era, Team DRISHTI comes with its first exciting event of the year - TECHNOVATION. This two-phase event will consist of online workshops to understand basic engineering fundamentals and Technology and finally challenging competitions where 1st yearites will apply the concepts, learnt in the workshops to solve the problem. This event is for all branches.



It's our flagship event where in you will be taught various basic skills to build projects. Projects will be assigned according to your interests. Mentors will be provided to you who will guide and help you to overcome challenges faced throughout the completion of the project.



"If you never try you will never know." In line with this ideology, we present - "THE GRAND ROBOPRIX" every year in the odd semester and set the stage with the very first technical event organised exclusively for first yearites. It aims at bringing the fresh and creative minds together to build their own bots that compete against each other.


Orientation is the spark to ignite the forthcoming innovation. It is the very first interaction of the club with the first year students where in we tell them what we do, how we do and how they can be a part of it.


Knowledge can always be attained at any point of time, the only necessity is to identify the real quest, personal interest and correct approach. Keeping this in mind, we organise various workshops throughout the year. Concerned topics cover wide spectrum covering the concepts of basic electronics and mechanical systems, imparting guidelines to get handy with utilities like Solidworks and AutoCAD, clearing fundamentals regarding Machine Learning and Computer Vision, starting the development of any robot with a self defined ROS (Robots Operating System), enhancing the area of hardware designing and realisation, etc.


We work throughout the year participating in various competitions and building projects keeping in mind the social problems of the society. Here we give a sneak-peek to what we do in DRISHTI.


Every year we come up with a surprise event specifically for first year students. All the first yearites are allowed to participate in it. In this event, they are all free to give a life to their imagination but within the limits of the prescribed problem statement and using confined material which is provided by us only. Simple and creative projects like paper bridge, battleship, truss, aerodynamic car, etc. have been designed in this event so far to implement the basic logics.


This is a welcoming project for the second yearites, and this is the opportunity for them to forge ahead with their technical skills. As though the projects officially commence after the vacation, team member and mentor are decided beforehand so that team can decide their workflow in the holidays itself. This is a month-long project and our main target is to prepare the students with utmost basic skills in this era of technology. This event also enhances skills of individuals and prepares them for the upcoming major projects.